Dan and Reggie in Montauk, NY, 2016

Dan and Reggie in Montauk, NY, 2016

Welcome to Dan Friedman NYC

Welcome to Dan Friedman NYC.  

There are a lot of Dan Friedmans.  If you google “Dan Friedman” you get 12,200,000 results.  If you add New York City after the name you narrow it down to 1,340,000.  So let me clue you in on which Dan Friedman I am.

I’m the Dan Friedman, based in New York City, who is the Artistic Director of the Castillo Theatre, a community-based, experimental political theatre, which I helped to found and have been building since 1984.  I also started Youth Onstage!, Castillo’s free after-school youth theatre program on 2003. I’m the Dan Friedman with a doctorate in theatre history from the University of Wisconsin who has been a progressive political and cultural organizer since the late 1960s.  

I’m the Dan Friedman who in 2010, working closely with Dr. Lenora Fulani and many others, helped launch UX, a free community-based school of continuing development for people of all ages, whose student body is drawn primarily from New York’s working class communities of color. Dr. Fulani is dean and I’m associate dean of UX. 

Castillo, Youth Onstage! and UX are all part of the All Stars Project, Inc. (ASP), a national non-profit active in six U.S. cities with affiliates in, among others places, London, Tokyo, Lagos and rural areas in Mukono District of Uganda. The mission of the ASP is to engage poverty and transform the lives of youth and poor communities using the transformative power of performance.  The All Stars is independently funded, meaning it raises its money from individuals and doesn’t rely on government, foundation or university money, which has allowed it to remain flexible and innovative.

I’m the Dan Friedman who is also on the faculty of, and a consultant for, the East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy, the grassroots think tank and international training center for social therapeutics and performance activism.  

If that’s the Dan Friedman you’re looking for—or if any of that intrigues you—please read on.

For most of my life I’ve written plays and poems, and for the last 30 years or so, articles and talks on cultural politics, the Castillo Theatre, theatre history and performance activism. This site is meant, primarily, as a means of gathering my writings in one place and making them accessible to anyone interested in reading, studying, citing or, in the case of the play scripts, producing, them.  danfriedmanNYC.org is an archive of this Dan Friedman’s writings. 

Dan Friedman addressing Castillo Theatre Gala, November 2013 (Photo: Ronald L. Glassman)

Dan Friedman addressing Castillo Theatre Gala, November 2013 (Photo: Ronald L. Glassman)

The archives on this site are divided into three basic categories: 
Articles, Chapters and Talks
• Poems  (in process)

There are also pages on this site that contain: 
• A listing and description of classes and workshop I'm teaching
• A modest photo gallery reflective of my activities and people I’ve interacted with over the years
• A way to contact me directly

This site and the writings it contains reflect my views, experiences and feelings, and not necessarily those of the All Stars Project or the East Side Institute.